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Through membership, MUSIC PARTNER provides access to a full-service music resource to filmmakers and TV producers.

Regardless of your needs, MUSIC PARTNER is by your side, responding in real time to the demands of your project.

Serving you is our mission, leaning on an innovative model allowing you to save on the cost of your production and generate income through our profit-sharing program.

We are your team of professional composers, passionate over music and story-telling.

*If you are a student filmmaker or working on corporate projects, you can have access to our library via the starter and corporate membership.












Music Library Access

Our online catalog, available to all members, contains all the tracks produced for our library and partners projects.

Organized by mood kit for easy navigation, you can browse and select the adequate tracks for your project.


Music on Demand

Our global network of composers will produce music fitting your specific needs..

Before entering post-production, let MUSIC PARTNER know the kind of music desired, we'll prepare a custom playlist and direct our composers to produce new tracks in the chosen mood.

With Music on Demand, MUSIC PARTNER will provide a combination of library tracks and newly produced ones for your project.

Contact us in advance of your post-production and MUSIC PARTNER will supply quality playlists.

Think out of the box and consider us your team


Music Edit Services

What better than a team of composers to edit your soundtrack?

Our editors are composers who have access to all music stems to artistically enhance your production.

Editing tracks, composing new ones, synchronization, once again, we are YOUR team, use us as you need us*.

*mixing and sound design services are also available.


Scoring Services

At MUSIC PARTNER, scoring original music is our specialty.

A musical director will select the right composers to score your soundtrack.

From digital production to full orchestra recording sessions, you’ll get quality scoring services.

This original music becomes an asset generating revenue for you as per our “Profit Sharing Program”.


Profit Sharing Program

We not only share our passion, we also share with you our music publishing revenues generated by the broadcast of your productions.

Whether feature film, documentaries, TV series, TV shows scripted or not, when your project is broadcasted on network TV, premium channels, cable or VOD platforms, MUSIC PARTNER will collect and share with you its music publishing revenues following its Profit-Sharing program.

It is using music as a shared asset.

The Profit-Sharing program is open to TV and Film Producer members using any or all services offered by MUSIC PARTNER:

-Music Library / Music on Demand / Music Edit Services / Scoring Services

Contact us to get detailled information on our Profit-Sharing Program.


In recent years, with the emergence of new media, the film industry has been disrupted, prompting film and TV producers to produce more for less, facing fiercer global competition. 

Time has come to reinvent the music licensing process, so filmmakers and TV producers can keep creating and reporting stories for everyone.

​MUSIC PARTNER has developed a new model, providing TV and film producers access to all MUSIC PARTNER services for less while generating income with our Profit-Sharing Program.

We consider filmmakers and producers our partners rather than clients.

Using our library is free for our members who will as well earn a revenue from the broadcast of their production.

We have created a new paradigm in the music licensing industry and encourage filmmakers and producers from students to established companies to join us as members of MUSIC PARTNER.

Let’s be strong together!


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Unlimited Download, Personal & Student use, Short Film, Festival, Internet

Member fee and details : Contact us


All Starter use, + Corporate video, Podcast, Local advertising.

Member fee and details : Contact us

TV Producer

All Accomplished use, + TV Broadcast, VOD, Streamming, Documentary, TV Series, TV Film

Music Playlist provided if needed

Interaction with Team / Ask for the music mood you need / We direct our composers to produce it

Access to Post-production and Music Edit services

Access to Scoring services.

Music Publishing Revenue sharing according to a table and chosen option, up to 50% of publishing income. 

Member fee and details : Contact us

Film Producer

All TV Producer use, + Theater Movie, Trailer, National Advertising, DVD

Access to Post-production and Music Edit services

Access to Scoring services.

Music Publishing Revenue sharing according to a table and chosen option, up to 50% of publishing income. See details below*

Member fee and details : Contact us

Break the rules with us,

Be our partner, we'll be your team