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Join us as a Composer

We are a community of composers heading in the same direction with the same objectives.


Be part of our team and new music licensing model.


MUSIC PARTNER concept is based on music publishing profit sharing with films and TV producers.

The concept has been tested for one year with multiple TV shows, series and documentaries, broadcasted worldwide on various networks and streaming platforms such as Netflix.

MUSIC PARTNER is growing fast, facing more and more music demands from producers.

As a composer, being part of the MUSIC PARTNER team does not mean immediate revenue, most rights take up to two years before being distributed by PRO, due to global collection system. Music Partner is also offering a yearly commission to its composers, based on a percentage of partners’ subscriptions prorated to the number of composer’s titles in the catalog. The next payment of the commission is schedule at the end of 2020 as we are just implementing the model.

If, as a composer, you need immediate revenues, MUSIC PARTNER may not be for you. But with patience, if you choose to be part of the team, it could provide you with a regular stream of income from your rights as a composer to yearly subscription commissions.


We need to be stronger together, our goal is to be broadcasted and participate to great projects.

With the emergence of streaming platforms, the industry is changing fast and the old models will no longer be adequate. Budgets are getting smaller while the demand for content is increasing. Content producers are now competing globally and need new music resources.

Time has come to propose a new and fair agreement between producers and composers, reaching win/win situations and allowing both parties to make money along the way by creating great stories backed by great music.

MUSIC PARTNER’s goal is to give composers opportunities to have their titles chosen, be broadcasted all over the world, be mandated for original scoring on divers’ projects, and have fun along the way.

MUSIC PARTNER has been created by a musician who understands how complex the navigation in this industry can be. We are a small team working all together with the same objective. We value our team of composers. Without them, MUSIC PARTNER would not exist.

What would be your benefits?

  • 100% of the composer’s right

  • 50% of YouTube streaming revenue

  • 50% of mechanical revenue (if any)

  • 50% of any exceptional license not in the basic scope of our license.

  • 50% of net membership revenue prorated to catalog contribution

  • Income for scoring services if you are chosen for a project

  • As a family member, you’re automatically becoming a Music Partner affiliate. Promote MUSIC PARTNER with a banner on your website or social media networks and get an extra 15% of each new membership subscription generated by you.

In our model, there is no licensing fees, producers who are members can download from the library according to their membership. We share 50% of the net membership proceed with composers, prorated to their library contribution.


We think every track and style of music is equally important in our catalog. Some tracks are picked more frequently because of their mood strength, but diversity is essential for the credibility of our library with producers. This is the reason why MUSIC PARTNER is rewarding the entire body of work from composers rather than what has been licensed.

What is Music Partner demanding?

Because of our sharing publishing model with Film Producers, we can’t propose non-exclusive agreements or even exclusive agreements based on the only publishing performance rights. The music needs to be owned by MUSIC PARTNER to avoid any right issues. You transfer the copyright agreement of your titles to MUSIC PARTNER. Naturally, you keep the entirety of your composer’s rights and 50% of other revenues..

What is Music Partner looking for?

Any kind of music mood is welcome, but needs to meet certain criteria:


    • Whatever your style, you must be passionate about music scoring. We are not looking for song composer, we are looking for scoring composer and instrumental background music.



    • You need to own the rights of your title for submission. If the title has been composed by multiple composers, all need to agree to submit.

    • If you use samples, make sure you have the right to use them.


    • The end of a title must be real and clear to be easily edited.


    • We recommend building your title like an article: intro, development and conclusion, keeping the same tonality, which makes it easier for film editor to use your track.


  • MOOD
    • Regardless of the chosen mood, the entire track should have the same mood from start to finish.


    • The length of your track should be at least 2’30”. There is no Ideal length, it depends on the construction of the track but don't be redundant, every portion of the music must have a reason to be, progression might be slow but has to be effective, no "music loop".



    • The music will be used on the background of a scene. Any special effect in your track could interfere with the story, dialogs or voice over.



    • Be careful with the chosen instrument and the equalization. Again, tracks are often used to illustrate the background of a scene. A track cannot overwhelm the story.



    • We remaster all tracks to obtain uniformity in the catalog.



    • All tracks must be broadcast ready. We cannot accept mediocre mix, even if the artistic idea is good. You can submit several versions of a track. (no melodies, no piano…)

    • We advise you to submit your tracks with the “stems” (different layers of the track with drums, strings, etc.) Film mixers often request the stems to remix the track according to the scene and we may remix the track in 5.1 if requested.


Submit your work and info here, we'll be coming back to you after review.