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The latest and urgent music request.

Nov 5

Need Music to illustrate spearfishing, Big blue, underwater, "fish hunting"... Kind of footage (But not music):
Oct 30

Need Music to illustrate doc & TV series about Fight championship/ Urgent
Oct 30

The Mafia, La Cosa Nostra, La Camorra, Gangsters, the Crips, the Bloods, Hoodlums, Racketeers, Bootleggers, Triads, Yakuza, Syndicates, Crews... There are many names for the Mafia and similar organi
Sep 25

For a church scene, music gospel or church related music needed,
Apr 1

A ground-breaking documentary series uncovering new history from 12000 feet deep below the Atlantic Ocean. With the use of cutting-edge technology, the unique collection of artifacts salvaged from
Jan 11

Need Zouk and Martinican (Martinique) music for a fishing documentary Ref: ZOUK remix retro BIGUIN
Sep 10, 2018

Australian and African Music mood needed for documentaries (still Cute Ones Series). Think Big space, Jungle, Desert, Percussion, Drums, Flute, Didgeridoo... Different Mood needed : Cool / Action / Z
Jun 4, 2018

Animal doc Series 26 X 26 Actually in edit (Episode 2 & 3). Each episode focus on different animals (Dogs, cats...), what they eat, their aptitude, their intelligence... It's not about ferocious anima
Jun 2, 2018

Recurring TV show about abandoned dogs and cats Music: Romantic/ Nostalgic/ Hope/ Factual
May 25, 2018

Documentary about Irish Gangsters / Revelation Films Mood Needed: Dark/ Crime/ Mafia/ Gangster/ Celtic Flavor / Investigation They are editing now The production said: The project is about Irish Gangs
Oct 30

Urgent, already in post prod. We are currently in production of the first episode and we are looking for some dark, investigative mood of music as well as some good 60’s, even something „ala beach bo
Oct 30 Need music mood investigation, war, dark...See trailer
Oct 30

We are looking for a investigative music in line with the period of 2nd WW. The series underlines intricacy and secret money deals of Nazi and others
May 3

We need music to set the tone for a crime that takes place in Italy Reference : Urgent! Thanks
Jan 11

Documentary about a road trip in US need Blues/Jazz/Country Songs
Oct 4, 2018

Need Mood Elegant / Dramedy / Jazzy / Atypical / Aventure...
Aug 10, 2018

Music requested for wild animal/Jungle/ Savanna... for a new show series. And still, music needed for the Cute Ones Series (cute animals/ 22 episode to go...),
Jun 2, 2018

Docu serie 7 X 26mn about 7 Belgium Castles Music Needed: Historical / Elegant / Adventure/ Epic/ Beautiful and Positive Mood
Jun 2, 2018

Docu Series about Hunting and Fishing (Chasse et Peche) Music needed: Panoramic/ adventure/ thoughtful, tension (for underwater episode) Listen
May 17, 2018

Mystery of the sinking of the Birkenhead in 1852. More than 400 crew members eaten by sharks; accident or intentional murders? Mood: requested: Tension, historical, Pirate, Treasure, adventure Very u